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Frequently Asked Questions.

Below you'll find a few answers to some of our more popular questions. If you can't find what you're looking for - don't hesitate to contact us at

What tools do you use?

We like to work with Notion (for documentation), Figma (for visual design), Webflow (to build websites), Shopify (for e-commerce), Github (to house our code), and Discord (for communication). But these are just preferences, and we're happy to adapt to the tools you use internally at your company.

How do you bill your clients?

Our rates are fixed to ensure that our incentives are aligned: both parties both benefit from completing the project on time, which is not the case with hourly billing. After a project's scope is approved, we'll send over an invoice for 50% of the total cost. After a project's scope is completed, we'll send over an invoice for the remaining 50% of the total cost. If the project happens to need some extra work, we'll negotiate an hourly rate or propose a new project scope & price.

For month-to-month work, we'll set up a monthly retainer that makes sense for the scope of work.

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